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The colors of the Peruvian Andes 🇵🇪 🗻 ☀
Chaos and order at 6500 meter/ 21,000 feet high 🗻 - the Andes of Peru seen through my tele zoom lens 🧐#processing_videos #link_bio
Same mountain ⛰️ different time of day ☀ The mountains of Peru 🇵🇪🙏 #processing_video #discount_in_bio
A collection of photos from the Dolomites taken by good friend and the master of the Dolomites @marcograssiphotography 🙏🙏
Different colors, different moods 🌈 Taken in Senja, Iceland, Chile, Norway and Greenland 🗺 #processing_video_discount #link_in_bio
The high mountains of the Andes 🗻 which one is your favorite? #processing_video #link_in_bio 👆
Are you also looking so much forward to summer in the mountains again ? 😎☀ 🗻 Taken in Lauterbrunnen #processing_video_discount #link_in_bio
It should almost be summer in the Mountains again (even though its snowing here atm 😂). Photo taken in Senja, Norway.  PS. new #processing_video discount for this month👌 - check it out in #link_bio👆
Alien Planet or Planet earth 🌍 ? That was the first thing that came to mind when exploring Li River in China 🇨🇳
The Vertical walls and Ice filled fjords of Southern Greenland #Lightroom_presets #link_bio👆
My story of my last road trip through the South West? 😎 Deserts, cacti, lots of Joshua Trees... and even more hamburgers 🍔🍔🍔🤪... #Lightroom_presets #link_bio
I dont think they like us as much as we like them... the Glaciers around the World #earthday_everyday