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Taj Mahal two step brought to you by @runawayueli 
Curated by @organicjunky
Photograph or painting? 
This one’s mental. Great work @mjowenhughes 
Curated by @mattperiphery
Isn’t is awesome the art we get to create from everyday things? @dslrmethod was with his friends one night and happened to walk passed this window & came up with a story on the spot. @dslrmethod recently started putting his work on IG, Make sure to follow him if you think his work is 🔥.
Portraits or landscapes? Which do you prefer and why? We love both but just curious on your thoughts! 
Show some love to @stevenjonathan for this unique photo of @brittanyhoffner 
Layer by layer speed edit by the one and only @dannybatista ft. @keepchambers 
Crouching tiger, hidden dragon. Great capture and use of a drone, @kankankavee! 
New York City, Thank you! 
With only 2 days notice, you guys really showed up! So much fun yesterday. Who’s ready for the next one?!
We’d like to thank our special guests, hosts and everyone who came out. 
Huge thanks to the ladies and gentlemen who modeled! Please tag them in your photos if you post and use the tag #AllianceMeetNYC2 so we can show some love. 
Models: @ladybaguette, @ahlexahj, @livelikeliz, @deanna_davis, @its.shiny, @kayla.and.coffee, @angeli.mac, @alexandranam_, @heathergillich, @_erikaluisa, @toni.likee.duhh, @emviolin417, @shandytshart, @billierose312, @matt_p_bishop. If you modeled and your names not listed here, drop a comment or DM. 
Once again, thank you all so much for spending your evening with us. Drop a comment if you were there. Til next time!
Color or BNW? 
Photo by @chuyftw 
Happy Birthday to @_xlr8r_!
Drop a comment below, stop by his page and show that birthday love. 
New York City! THIS SUNDAY! 
#AllianceMeetNYC2 Photography Community Event Presented by @agameoftones, @moodygrams, @nycprimeshot, @theimaged, @portraitgames & @moodyports
Date: Sunday July 21st 2019
Time: 6:30 - 8:30 PM
Location: Gantry Plaza State Park
MUST REGISTER(link in bio)
This is a FREE meet-up for all creatives(photographers, models, etc).
If you're a photographer: Bring your cameras, lighting and good vibes!
If you're a model: Bring some different outfits, accessories and those moody expressions.
This meet-up is designed for all creatives to network, create, have fun and make some long-lasting memories.
Special Guests: @kingy_kings, @so.shauna, @nyctme, @_xlr8r_, @ivvnwong, @phives(Chicago), @jude_allen(SF), @ladybaguette(LA), @avkinder(LA)
Photo by: @kingy_kings 
Design by: @joelymm
This step-by-step edit is fantastic! Plus, who doesn’t love the Pink Ranger?!
Amazing work by @mattdotgarcia ft. @caitlinchristinee 
Curated by @kingy_kings
Golden State of Mind!
Photo by @jude_allen