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Former Belgian olympic weightlifting champion -69kg (s:125/c&j:145) I can teach you how to (lift) perform #olympicweightlifting #crossfit

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Reportage sur le JT national RTBF. Merci au crossfit d’avoir redonné un nouveau souffle à notre sport !

So proud @sarah.massoni first 🥇🏆 in individual elite woman @liegethrowdown.

Next year @arnaud_leysen will be ready with @vanmeerbeastprogramming to be at his top level.

Being on the other side as a coach of this sport is a new challenge for me.
Being aware of the weaknesses of your athletes and giving them solutions to improve their day to day training routine is magic. Crossfit is quite complex sport but my part is only making you better at olympic weightlifting. I hope this can continue with most of people sharing their training time with me 🙏. #nagaweightlifting 
#teamnaga 🏋️‍♀️ @arnaud_leysen 📸 @karim.hadni
Séminaire d’haltérophilie à @crossfitmons ce dimanche. J’espère avoir pu apporter le bagage nécessaire à votre expérience haltérophile. Une super box avec des coachs et membres très investis! 
When your athlete is missing a bar and you laugh at it. As it is normally 3 misses allowed during the month during my Olympic weightlifting class.

@facundoe is watching my class. Am I treating your athletes right ? .
📸: @karim.hadni 
No training in 1year. No weightlifting shoes. Only timing, speed and captain America t-shirt for the strength. 100kg snatch (71kg bw). #nagaweightlifting 
Séminaire d’haltérophilie au @crossfitwildwall. Merci aux participants toujours aussi motivés à apprendre l’haltérophilie.

Team Naga ☝🏽#nagaweightlifting t-shirts

Naga Weightlifting movie 1:

Here is the first movie of some of the good lifters we have in our class. I hope you enjoy this fast made video. If you want to join the class, please DM me first. Thanks for the great support you give to olympic weightlifting. Sorry I couldn’t add everybody…

Here is the lineup:
Sometimes it’s better to be on the shadow and let others shine 🏆

I’m proud of my 4 athletes for their performance, not their personal best but they did the best they can do today. I think we are on the top3 best team, official results are coming.

@massmassg 273 points (92/114)
@campbellniz 259 points (95/130)
@d.suarez1990 251 points (90/105)
@ggnoooel 250 points (90/112)

Happy coach 🙏

#nagaweightlifting #olympicweightlifting #snatch #clean #crossfit #squat #weightlifting
About this week-end. 2 days of weightlifting seminar at @crossfit_ambiorix giving my best to share my knowledge to Crossfiters and make them better at Olympic Weightlifting. Next one is 23/24 February. Or join my weightlifting class. More info link on my bio.

#nagaweightlifting #olympicweightlifting #crossfit #crossfitbelgium #squat #snatch #cleanandjerk
New baby pour 2019-2020 circuit  moto🔥 #r6 #yamaha