A sweet, goofy, half-nosed Malinois saved from the Chinese dog meat trade, living her best life with her Doberman sister, Harper.

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Watching this on repeat forever 🤣 Angel never has ANY clue what she’s chasing, she just sees Harper go and goes, wait for it...
More Malinois saved from the Chinese dog meat trade by @helpbanyulin became American citizens yesterday and are settling into their amazing new homes. Thank YOU to everyone involved 😭 but also to everyone who follows and supports what we do. We have more rescue missions planned and lots more Mals looking for homes, if you think you can help in anyway please drop me a message 🐾
The goodest girl that ever lived
Hit eM with that sultry looK 👀
ToO blessed to be stresseD 🌿
walking tips for u:
1) take the long route 
2) stopping to admire the view is never a waste of time
3) see water? jump in
4) be a good boi or girl and pose for pictures becos pictures = tasty cronchy treats
i has been working on this smelly coat for 2 monfs, mums comes home n 5 mins later puts me in the baff 🛁
After receiving so many messages about the rescued mals our recent post was deleted. Please keep sharing these 3 babies 🙏🏻 they were saved from dog butchers and will be ready to fly to their forever homes in June 🇺🇸
I wuz taken to the beach wif harper this week and we spent the whole time explorin, life is pretty chill tbh. 3 n a bit weeks until mum iz home
After I adopted Angel I wanted to use her story to raise awareness of the horrors of the dog meat trade and give more dogs the chance to get out of China. Yesterday four Malinois flew from China where they were saved by @helpbanyulin from being weighed for meat at a slaughterhouse to their forever homes in America. Since @chimay_chouchou came across Angel’s account she made it her mission to help Malinois in the dog meat trade, so far she has saved nine- many of the adopters are also people who found out from reading Angel’s story. Social media has the power to make the impossible possible by connecting people from all over the world and I am so grateful others just like her have been given a chance at life 💕
FaceTiming my mum and seeing this wonky lil snoot is the highlight of my day
Missing this beautiful goof